Sweater weather? Cuddle weather? Snooze weather? No matter how you would like to call the rainy season, I’m willing to bet that we all agree this is also food trip weather.

A few days into June and we are already being hit by strong winds and rain. Though it may turn any day into a gloomy one, we cannot deny that Pinoys would always be in the mood for food. 

So, get ready to warm up as we list down ten Filipino comfort food that are best enjoyed during rainy days.

  • Hot Pandesal with Coffee
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Start any rainy day with the classic pandesal and coffee combo. Enjoy this popular Pinoy breakfast staple with your favorite spread, or dip the bread in coffee for added flavor. Not a fan of coffee? Switching it up with a hot chocolate drink is a great way to greet a rainy morning.

  • Lomi
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This soup dish made of thick broth and round noodles can warm up any rainy day. Originally from Batangas, this usually has pork and some vegetables but people have now been enjoying it with more toppings like chicharong bulaklak and liver.

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There is a certain comfort that we can get from slurping soup when the weather is cold. It becomes all the more enjoyable when it involves bone marrow. So take out the bulalo and get slurpin’.

  • Chicken Sotanghon
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Whether you are trying to get through a rainy day or you are feeling under the weather, there is nothing that a hefty bowl of Chicken Sotanghon cannot cure. This dish is made of glass noodles, bits of chicken, and vegetables.

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Though popularly known as a Friday dish because it’s mainly meat-free, this is also an effective Pinoy comfort food for any day. This is basically sautéed mung beans, often complemented with pork and other ingredients. Best paired with rice and fried fish.

Photo from https://www.kawalingpinoy.com

This ginger-based soup with either chicken or clam can surely brighten up any gloomy day; it is basically a warm hug in soup form.

Photo from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Gd3iaMP-6XE/TpWbSvsuQ_I/AAAAAAAAEFw/dRSVBX4bC98/s1600/PA122615.JPG

Also referred to as rice porridge or congee, this dish has ginger-based broth with rice and chicken pieces. Best enjoyed with tokwa’t baboy.

  • Chicken Sopas
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Macaroni pasta, shredded chicken, and milk make up this hearty dish. It is warm and comforting; just like home.

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If you are in a hurry to warm up your tummy, a few minutes is all it takes to prepare a hot and filling bowl of noodles. Instant food is totally acceptable on a lazy, rainy day.

  • Champorado
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This list would not be complete without any Pinoy’s favorite: the champorado. It is made of glutinous rice cooked with cocoa powder (or cocoa bars) which will surely brighten anyone’s mood. It is indeed a picker-upper for champs!

With PAG-ASA announcing that the rainy season has officially started, you now have more reasons to enjoy these Filipino comfort foods. They just might make you grateful for the rainy days. What are your favorite dishes to make during a rainy day? Let us know in the comments below!

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