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Earlier this year, I went to Bali for the first time. I was instantly enamoured by the beauty & cuisine of the island. For one week, I tried as many local dishes that I could. One dish that stood out for me is the famous Sate Lilit.

Sate Lilit is a balinese dish that can be served both as an appetizer or main. It is made with either minced pork, chicken, or fish then mixed with a spicy paste. Beef is rarely used as Hinduism is predominant in Bali. Instead of being skewered, “lilit” means that the meat mixture is “wrapped around” a bamboo, sugarcane or lemongrass stick. It is then either fried or grilled to perfection.

Recently, I was invited to a potluck at a friend’s house so I decided to make my own version of Sate Lilit Ikan (Fish). It’s very easy & quick to make as I used only 5 ingredients. Although this recipe has very few ingredients, it is very big in flavour. This dish can stand on its own but should you wish to have a dipping sauce, sweet chilli sauce for me works just fine.

5-Ingredient Recipe: Curry Milkfish on Lemongrass Sticks

5-Ingredient Recipe: Curry Milkfish on Lemongrass Sticks
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