5-Ingredient Recipe: Currywust Sauce

This quick and easy sauce is packed with curry flavor. Use in sausages or as an alternative to ketchup.

By Stef Sancianco

I first tried ‘Currywurst’ during my recent holiday in Europe.  We passed thru the busy train station at Cologne, Germany and stumbled upon a food stall that sells German sausages.

Currywurst is a surprisingly weird yet tasty dish that combines curry flavoured ketchup slopped over grilled sausages and served with a dinner roll on the side.  I was not a fan of curry until then.

The sauce is tangy yet sweet, almost tastes like caramel with a surprising kick on the palate.

In this dish, the choice of sausage is up to you, be it the smoked or plain variety of veal, pork or beef, which is best grilled and then sliced. Slather on some of the sauce (dust more curry powder on top if you wish) and use the sausage chunks to scoop up all the sauce on the plate!

I must admit that I’ve grown to love this unique German takeaway food.  It’s simple, fast and easy to do that it will surely gain fans during your next barbecue party!

5-Ingredient Recipe: Currywust Sauce

5-Ingredient Recipe: Currywust Sauce Serves: 8
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