5-Ingredient Recipe: Guiltless Chocolate Mousse

A few months back, I’ve decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle by watching what I eat and being more active. My goal was to be physically fit and drop some kilos as my wedding was in a few weeks time. I thought it was an impossible task until I’ve noticed results. I dropped 4 kilos in just 2 weeks and I felt fit! I am now a believer of proper diet and exercise.

To get where I am wasn’t easy. Huffing & puffing in the gym was one thing but eating the right kind of food was another. The first few weeks was a tough experience as I wasn’t used to limiting myself. I was rarely at home so the meals I’d have would always be something from a restaurant that is laden with MSG or fat. Worse is that I couldn’t walk away from dessert. I would always crave for cream and sugar.

Slowly my body adjusted to eating more proteins, fruits, and veggies but the temptation of sugar became stronger. One day, I madly craved for a chocolate mousse as my favourite baking show was making it on TV. A sinful chocolate mousse needs a whole lot of sugar, butter, and cream to make but I couldn’t allow myself to have cheat meal at that time. And so, I found a way to make a healthy version by using the ripe avocados sitting inside my fridge. My healthy version is as smooth, silky, rich and flavourful as the original version. Best of all it only has 5 ingredients and it is so easy to whip up when the craving strikes!

5-Ingredient Recipe: Guiltless Chocolate Mousse

5-Ingredient Recipe: Guiltless Chocolate Mousse
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