5-Ingredient Recipe: Kimchi Brioche Pizza

Who would think that this Korean staple would go so well with cheese? Try it in this 5-ingredient pizza!

By Stef Sancianco

Korean fusion dishes are pretty common these days. Kimchi, a popular Korean side dish, is in fact proving to be versatile and is slowly easing its way to Western palates.

I’ve had kimchi in tacos, on hotdogs, grilled cheese toast and I must say it really does gives a fresher take on the classics.

While eating kimchi might be daunting to some and is sort of an acquired taste, its flavour sort of mellows down once cooked and becomes harmonious with other ingredients in a dish.

Last Sunday, I discovered a brilliant combination by accident.  It was during my weekly fridge and pantry clearing that I made this snack.  I fell in love with kimchi’s salty-sour, spicy and pungent flavour combined with gooey cheese and crispy buttery brioche. It doesn’t sound like it’s great together but for me kimchi and pizza is a match made in heaven!

If you like pizza, this is 5 ingredient snack is unique and truly mouthwatering.  It’s easy to put together and you may use any plain bread such as rolls or baguette as a base.

5-Ingredient Recipe: Kimchi Brioche Pizza

5-Ingredient Recipe: Kimchi Brioche Pizza Serves: 2
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