Summer has always been my favorite. I love how we can get the sweetest fruits of the season here in the Philippines. I’ve been overseas for 7 years, shuffling back and forth in Singapore and Jakarta, but there’s nothing quite like the fruits we get in our country during this time.

One of the fruits that I look forward to in eating when I’m vacationing in Manila is chico (sapodilla fruit). I love refrigerating wedges of ripe chico and having it as a snack in the afternoon.

Our family is very lucky to have chico trees growing in the backyard of my grandparents’ home, and I’ve managed to catch the last of this season’s harvest. I find eating cold chico to be refreshing so I thought that turning it into ice cream would be a great way to beat the summer heat.

No ice cream maker? No problem! This easy 5 Ingredient no churn chico ice cream has the creaminess and rich flavor like most churned artisanal ice cream!

5 Ingredient Recipe: No-Churn Chico Ice Cream

5 Ingredient Recipe: No-Churn Chico Ice Cream


For a more sinful version, I’ve added raw cacao nibs coated with coconut sugar on my scoop. You can also add your favorite chopped nuts or toasted shredded coconut as a topping.
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