My favorite weekend activity is going to the local market here in Jakarta to see and buy fresh produce. One particular vegetable that I discovered is the Ubi Madu Cilembu (Honey Sweet Potato from Cilembu). True to its name, it’s the sweetest that I have ever tasted. To bring out its flavor, the best way to cook it, according to the locals, is to bake it.

Recently, I’ve bought way too much so I decided to be creative. So I browsed thru my compilation of recipes and came across a Churros Recipe. I thought the sweet potatoes would be so sinful with dusted cinnamon sugar and dark chocolate ganache. Boy, I wasn’t wrong.

I haven’t seen Ubi Madu Cilembu sold overseas so for this particular recipe, our local sweet potato (Kamote) is a good substitute. So here’s my recipe for Sweet Potato Churros. It’s so easy to do and only needs 5 ingredients to make!

5 Ingredient Recipe: Sweet Potato Churros

5 Ingredient Recipe: Sweet Potato Churros
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