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As we add more years to our age, we tend to forget one important thing which is taking care of our health and physical well-being. We slowly drift away from doing intense physical activities and exercises probably because of our time-consuming jobs, hectic schedules, or family matters that hinder us to allow some time for ourselves. Other than that, some people would generally just stay still and accept the fact that they’ll be couch potatoes for the rest of their lives.

This is the stigma that we need to stop, right here, right now! Even if you’re too busy with other work, chores, or errands, always make sure to provide some time for yourself as well. Your health matters more than anything else in this world and it’s never too late to get back into shape.

Probably one of the hardest things to do is to recondition yourself to be accustomed again with workout routines. The more time you’ve spent being stagnant means the harder it is to try out some exercises which are primarily true because your body begins to weaken and you lose that once strong and fit body. This is why you must, slowly but surely, move those muscles until you regain that endurance that you’ve once had.

From Hero to Zero

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A lot of things have happened when you started to lose interest in working out. Losing that momentum on your physical fitness affects your lungs’ elasticity and your circulatory system begins to weaken. As a matter of fact, once you’ve decided to hit the couch more or forget about hardcore training, your muscles will slowly lose its shape as well as its strength and power. (Greenfield, 2011)

You will surely feel that your body begins to slow down just after 72 hours with no exercise. This is definitely a bummer especially if you’ve worked hard for that beautiful body and just watch it go down the drain because of laziness, lack of time, or any reason that made you stop from pursuing exercise.

This is why you need to get off that couch and start gaining that strength, power, and body that you’ve lost through the years. But the question is, where do you begin? We laid down some guidelines for you to follow in getting back that perfectly shaped and healthy body for a better and stronger you.

Getting into Gear

Whatever reason you have in mind for getting that body back from the past, you must follow these specific steps to be successful in putting yourself back in track. Everything will surely go smoothly if you dedicate and motivate yourself in achieving your body and health goals.

Let it sink in

Dream big, set goals, take action
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This is the first and the most crucial step among all the things that you need to do. It is important to have your mind set on what you want to achieve because if you don’t, it will just become a formula for another doomed result. Your mind is a very powerful organ so you better use it to your advantage. (Carter, Unknown Date)

It helps a lot to keep in mind that you are aiming to regain your strength through exercise and a healthy diet. Another thing is that you should keep your reason concrete and strong and not just exercising to look good but also to feel good about yourself. With a lot of determination and discipline running in your system, there will definitely be progress rather than sticking to a lousy behavior.


⦁Set your goals and get organized

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Here’s another way of keeping your mind locked and your eyes on the finish line. Just like what Carter stated, it is also important to jot down your daily goals to help you track on what to do, where are you in the journey, and how well did you progress. It also helps to change your usual routine and habits like binge-watching your favorite TV series, eating a lot of sweets and processed food, or having more rest than work.

You can write everything down in a calendar format and post it anywhere in your house where you can easily see it. In this way, there’s no reason that you’ll lose your focus in achieving a healthy and strong body.

⦁Food matters

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What you eat contributes to who you are right now. It is time to let off your sugary and fatty foods and begin to build up some healthy recipes that will surely bring back that youthful glow in and out of you.

Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables while losing some of those sugar, salt, and red meat intake can help your body systems to regain its natural strength that was once locked away. (Huntley, Unknown Date)

Another thing that can duly help you to achieve your goals is to control the amount of food you eat. It is best to carefully and slowly cut down your food intake from the usual full plate meal to an enough serving is very beneficial in losing that unwanted weight. (Kylstra, 2014)

⦁Workout to your heart’s content

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Picking out the best possible workout routine that will fit your needs is better than doing hardcore gym or home workouts that drains you with lots of energy. Pick something that will excite you and not something that will look like that you are required to do. Doing something that you will soon love will make it easier for you to lose weight, stay healthy, and achieve every single goal on your list without any pressure. (Kylstra, 2014)

⦁Sleep is not for the weak

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Having enough sleep every day can help your body recharge and rebuild all those wasted energies that were used throughout the day. Sleep is also as much as important as working out since it helps your body to do its job that is not fulfilled when you are awake. Getting that 8 hours of sleep per day can go a very long way in gaining and maintaining a healthy body. (Huntley, Unknown Date)


It’s Never Too Late To Be in Shape

It’s just a matter of being determined to achieve every goal that you set including being back into that healthy shape you once had. Keeping your game face on will surely move mountains and create a wonderful life ahead of you. It’s now time to get off that couch and work yourself out!



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About the Author: I am Ryan Norwood Canon, a health and fitness writer for almost a decade and the co-founder of a health and fitness blog. As a well- versed in fitness, posting blogs about a healthier lifestyle and quick tips to a body fit to help people achieve their body goals is truly my passion. My real concern is: I want you guys to be more confident with yourself.

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