Tracking food intake may be one thing, but tracking fluid intake is another. Are you wondering after all that clean eating why there are still no results? Then maybe you have not been eating as clean as you should be. Drinking your calories can be the culprit and that drink of yours may just have as much sugar as that piece of cake you’ve been avoiding all month. Sugar can be an addiction, but cutting out just dessert, such as pastries, is not enough. Here are 5 tested simple tricks that can help you cut out sugary drinks slowly and effectively:

  1. Take It Slow

Here’s the harsh truth: going cold turkey is not going to help you. Chances are you will crave for it more than you normally would. The best way to cut down on sugary drinks is to take it one step at a time. For example, in a day you would normally drink two cans of soda. What you could do is on your second can of soda, try drinking just half a can. Try it for a week or two, then on the next week, try drinking just one can a day by drinking half a can at a time. Then drink less and less every time. This way, you would avoid the withdrawal and would feel the deprivation minimally.

  1. Save it for special occasions

Once you have learned how to cut down your consumption, challenge yourself by drinking sugary drinks only on special occasions. And no, it does not count if you constantly eat out! This would mean drinking those tasteful drinks only on holidays, reunions or parties. On a daily basis, you have to remind yourself that that canned juice, soda, or a Frappuccino should only be consumed on special occasions. It may also be an added excitement for you to go on your next celebration! Through this way, your daily consumption would lessen as you train your mind not to crave it constantly.  

  1. Drink more water

Sometimes, craving for sugary drinks could mean that you are dehydrated. Try practicing this simple trick: drink a glass of water before drinking that sugary drink of yours. It will help lessen the sugary consumption due to the fluid you already drank prior. Best way to achieve this is to keep a water bottle handy and make sure you are hydrated all throughout the day.

  1. Have some mint

Ever heard of brushing your teeth after a meal to suppress cravings? Same theory– by taking a mint, your cravings can be curbed. Mint is said to be a natural appetite suppressant, and works well on trying to kill the sweet tooth of yours. Trying drinking mint tea instead, or grab a hard mint candy.

  1. Don’t be fooled by labels

During the process, it is normal to look for alternatives but do not let yourself be fooled by misleading advertisements such as diet soda, reduced fat, and zero sugar. Make sure that you really check the labels and learn how to ready nutrition facts to make sure that there aren’t any other ingredients that could be harmful to you. If you find that water could be boring, try other alternatives such as soda water if you are craving for the fizz, or some lemon water to add more flavor.



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