Lisbon isn’t a city that pops up in most people’s priorities, especially if its their first time in Europe. Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Milan were the top 5 most cities in Europe in 2017. I’m guessing after that, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Prague and Dublin would round up the top 10. Lisbon probably only makes it in the top 20s. However, if you find yourself going to Spain anytime soon, I highly suggest adding Portugal to your itinerary, either Porto or Lisbon. There are less people, English is widely spoken, its cheaper, the food is great and there is lots to see.

Lisbon has always been special to me. We came went there in the summer of 2012 to catch a music festival, where we saw the Cure, Mumford and Sons, The Kooks, Snow Patrol, The Stone Roses, Justice, Florence and the Machine, Mazzy Star, the Kills and Caribou to name a few. Pretty insane line up.

Asides from the great music, what really struck me was that it’s a city that feels lived in. Once you land, you take a quick 20 mins car or bus ride to the city center, you hop on and off trams, or just walk around (with lots of hills). It immediately feels friendly and intimate. The food is also something you need to fly in for. Whereas nearby spain can sometimes get a little fussy with their culinary scene, here its all about bold, simple, straightforward and produce driven flavours in a casual setting.

This time around we were here for only 60 hours. So we revisited some favourites and tried some new ones, but since people always ask me for my “list” that I use when I travel to various cities, here it is below. Please keep in mind that I haven’t tried all of them, but after some research all of these come highly recommended. I’ll put a # if I tried it and a * if I really enjoyed it.

Piri Piri Chicken

–          A Valenciana #

–          Frangasqueira Naional #*


–          Ramiro #*

–          Nunes Real Marisqueira #*

–           Peixaria da Esquina #*

–          A Cevicheria

–          Solar dos Presuntos


–          Tasca da Esquina #*

–          Coelho da Rocha

–          Timeout Market # (It’s ok and convenient, but I’d rather eat elsewhere)

–          Taberna da Rua das Flores #*

–          Cantinho do Avillez #*

–          O Cardos do Estrela de Ouro#*

–          Stop do Bairro


–          Belcanto

–          Alma

–          Feitoria

–          Prado


–          Pasteis de Belem # (not my favourite) #

–          Confeteiria  Nacional (Anne’s fav) #*

–          Manteigaria (my favorite) #*

–          Landeau


–          Principe Real

–          Café Tati

–          Cinco Lounge

–          A Tabacaria #*

–          Pavilhao chines

Watch my weekend in Lisbon here:

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