So I’m doing this Fitness Challenge for Freego and I recently met Abelle, Ana, Ayee, Cheryl, Jom, Kat, and Rocky who are all finalists for FREEGO’s 7 Ways to Sexy Fitness Challenge.

After having met with them, I listed down the 7 qualities or virtues that one should have before switching to a healthier and sexier lifestyle. Might help those of you who want to want a change in their lifestyle too.



WANT IT FOR YOURSELF. Here’s what’s great about the fitness challenge: the girls joined. The fact that they signed up for this says a lot about how much they want it—to lose weight, be fit, and switch to a healthier lifestyle. And I think it’s important to really want it because that says a lot about how much you’re willing to give to get it. What’s your motivation? Are you doing this for yourself? Think about it.

MAKE TIME. No time to prepare your own food? No time to exercise? No time to read a bit about food, nutrition, and whatever else you’re putting inside your body? Then I guess it’s not that important to you. As I’ve been saying, there’s no such thing as not having time—because you make time for what you think should be prioritized, like your health. The 7 girls come from different backgrounds, from a student to a working mom. But I was surprised to find out that even before this challenge, most, if not all of them, have already been working out regularly and dieting. And that’s great because regardless of their age, status, responsibilities, and such, they found a way to do what they had to do to stay in good shape.

BE DISCIPLINE. A lifestyle overhaul requires a lot of learning and getting used to. But I think the bottom line of sustaining it is having the discipline. Just keep choosing what’ll be beneficial to your body; make one right choice after another. In our fitness challenge, we’ve provided the 7 girls with a diary to keep a daily log of their food intake. It’s good discipline. The girls and I also share a WhatsApp group which I use to keep tabs on their diet. How about making one for you and your friends too? So you can motivate each other about diet and nutrition. SEE IT THROUGH. Be a hundred per cent in it from start to finish. For example, if you’re going to eat healthy, might as well do the groceries yourself, cook, and prepare your own food so you’re really in control of what’s put into your meals. The goal of 7 Ways to Sexy is to have a healthy lifestyle, and a sustainable one at that. It doesn’t stop at reaching your ideal weight or dress size. It’s not about just following what Coach John or I teach them. And it’ll really be great if the 7 girls learn and keep doing it on their own—to make the healthy choice even after the challenge, which brings me to my next point—

MAKE IT A LIFETIME COMMITMENT. You might not be thinking about it now, but in ten, twenty years, you’ll start feeling the effects of what you’ve been eating in your younger. Keep in mind that eating healthy won’t just benefit you physically i.e. by making your skin glow or slimming down your waist. It’s putting your body in good condition and preventing you from illness.

HAVE FUN WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. Being fit doesn’t have to be like military training. It’s not about depriving yourself of the yummy but bad food; it’s about choosing food that’ll benefit you—and feeling its great effects after. So my advice is, enjoy the ride. Because, trust me, being miserable while lifting those weights or eating those greens will get you nowhere.

SHARE AND INSPIRE. During our breakfast meeting, it was a pleasure seeing the 7 girls talk about what they cook, what diets they’ve tried, etc. In a way, it showed how passionate they were about it, and I think it’s great learning from them. There are those who keep saying they want to be healthy, but it stops right there. You don’t see the effort, the commitment. So I really enjoyed seeing how much motivation the 7 girls had, and I hope them don’t ever lose that spirit.


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