It’s always fun entertaining guests at the Red Light Pop Up Kitchen, but this night was different since, Philips invited a lively mix of media people for a roundtable discussion on Philips’ kitchen appliances and how you can actually cook really good yet fuss free food at home.

While we were there, we demonstrated Philips’ products including the Philips Slow Juicer, Induction Cooker, Food Processor with Blender, and Airfryer. The most popular item, however, was the Philips Airfryer. A tool that gives you the same effect as deep fried food with 80% less oil.

As with all things you love, cooking and serving food takes a special amount of care that makes all the difference.




We cooked a couple of dishes on the spot, cranking out some nice and tasty entrees like Burrata on Buttered Toasted Bread, Grilled Hanger Steak with Salsa Verde on a silky sweet potato mash, and Poached large shrimp with a cold Thai style corn chowder. It was really fun moving through the tasting dinner while talking to all the diners and media in attendance.

Here are all the videos I made using Philips Appliances!








We do quite a bit of pop ups at the Red Light, to keep informed go to Its basically a full kitchen and a full bar, with no concept, it all depends on who is taking over for the night, whether it will be a tasting dinner like this one, or a walk in only one item menu situation. At the end if the day, it’s always really fun.

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