Risotto is an easy dish to prepare if you understand the basics of it. It is also prepared based on people’s personal preferrences. However, a risotto should never be a clumpy, mushed up tower that stands on its own and only starts leaning one way like in Pisa after 15mins. A risotto is meant to be fluid, well seasoned and dredged in beautiful parmesan.

The basics are:

– don’t use a pot, use a pan, and cook only a max of 2 cups at a time. 1 cup of arborio rice will yield about 2 portions.
– always start by sweating off your base vegetables. In this case garlic and onions.
– add your rice and toast it.
– cover with white wine.
– let the alcohol evaporate.
– cover with very well seasoned stock.
– keep adding stock as it dries up and until the rice is cooked yet still retains a bite to it. (Usually 1 cup of rice needs about 5 cups of stock to cook, sometimes more, sometimes less, stock never goes to waste)
– you should be able to form a wave with your risotto.
– to finish. Add in a lot of cheese. A knob of butter. Cover.
– if too clumpy add in a little more stock.
– place on a plate and finish with evoo and seasoning.
– top with more cheese.
– realise that there is nothing healthy about this dish.

If you are going to add things such as mushrooms, bacon, herbs, truffles, lobster, shrimp, pine nuts etc. Do so at the finishing stage.

Build flavour by changing up your stocks and experimenting with your cheese.

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