Chicken wings are probably one of my favorite things to eat when I’m out with friends. The problem is that they are usually not that healthy. Imagine the less exciting part of the chicken, basically bone and skin, deep fried in some kind of oil, beyond smoking point, and drenched in usually a truck load of sugar sauce.

But attempting to make this super flavorful snack a little healthier without necessarily sacrificing taste, I turned to the Philips Air Fryer and then tossed it, mess free, in a Korean style sauce.


Also, make sure to grab yourself an Airfryer so you can keep up with this series and watch until the end of the video! We have a contest for you. Win and i will cook for you and your friends!!

Just submit your Airfryer recipe on my facebook, and use the hashtag #tfkiairfryer when all the videos have been shown, it will mark the end of the contest and we will choose a winner!

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