All it Takes is Willpower: Mond's 90-Day #NoExcuses Challenge

Mond’s 90 days is up: now it’s your turn.

It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and an enduring resistance to pain to make a complete transformation within a 90 day period. Mond Gutierrez (@mond) has done just that. Proving once again that anyone, with the right mindset, armed with the proper information and more importantly the dedication to researching, finding and learning about nutrition and exercise, can do it.

We live in a time when everyone has so much access to free information yet people are too lazy to look for it. Yes, it may be confusing at times, but that’s why you work extra studiously to find what works for you. If you have access to the Internet and books, you have no excuse not to know where to start.

Just like in life, 100 people can give you advice, but it’s up to you to synthetize it, absorb it, process it and finally put it into action. Don’t blame anyone else other than yourself. Stop getting In your own way and become your own inspiration. Be the voice of change In your community and let’s get everyone for and healthy. Time to stop making light of non ideal situations and take your health seriously.

Shout out to @rappler for the great video. Get inspired to live healthy here.


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