I adore bread, nay i love bread, better yet im addicted to bread, in truth bread runs in my blood.
I’m french, and in Europe, bread is the asian rice.

So when you walk into the supermarket and see different labels: Multigrain, Whole grain, Wheat, Whole Wheat, Wholemeal, Brown, White, Rye, Pumpernikel, Buckwheat, etc… Do you really know what you are buying?

To simplify it: All bread is made from a mixture of flour (most of the time wheat or grain), water and sometimes, other ingredients (such as leavening products, salt or sugar…).

– White Bread: Enriched or Bleached Flour + Sugar. Doesn’t sound too great anymore ey? This will make your blood sugar rocket high and produces lots of insulin.

– Wheat Bread, Brown Bread, Multigrain..: Unless it says Whole or 100% on the ingredients list, this is probably just White Bread in disguise (i.e: White Bread + Fancy stuff + Caramel Colour, seriously)

– 100% Whole Wheat or Whole Grain breads (100% rye, 100% oats…): These are usually your best option as they are rich in fiber, protein, vitamin B, can help in the prevention of certain diseases,etc. BEWARE though as these breads can also have some enriched, refined or bleached flours + lots of sugar in them, so make sure to always check the ingredient list. If the label says there is less than 3grams of fiber, you are probably looking at a refined product.

– Organic Wheat Free, Gluten Free Bread: Woooohooo this seems like a winner, but beware, just because there is no wheat doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other types of grains there (usually brown rice), just make sure you check that all the ingredients are 100% whole.

Whats the problem with Wheat (found in bread, pasta….) : Well for starters it contains gluten (a binding protein found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats, makes your bread fluffy and makes you fluffy/bloated too). So giving up Gluten, puts you less at risk of certain diseases, makes you bloat less and can help with weight loss. The problem is, marketers/sales people, have caught on to this, so just because something is Gluten Free, doesn’t mean its good for you. Example: Pasta made out of potatoes, White Rice, Rib Eye Steak, all gluten free, but if eaten without moderation, yes, you are still going to get fat.

This is why, when people say “I’m allowed to eat carbs because im going to workout” yes, this is true, but make sure you eat the right carbs. Instead of eating a plate full or refined flour pasta, or a heavy creamy risotto, or a wheat sandwich or even a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich ( a personal favourite), you actually may be better off with a half cup of brown rice. REMEMBER, balance everything out, all the time.

So my advice, just stick to whole grains as much as possible. Read the ingredients list each time you buy something in the supermarket. Do your own reasearch. 100% is usually a good sign. Sugar is everywhere so beware. Don’t be misled by marketing slogans and promises.

If all else fails, make my Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Low Carb, Sweetened with a little honey, Protein Rich, Almond Bread

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