Japan is one of my favorite countries ever. I spent 10 days in this amazing country but I spent only a day in Tokyo, and everyone always asks about the food. Tokyo is a massive city, but street food isn’t just anywhere. Wandering around your hotel or Airbnb won’t exactly lead you to local Japanese street food unless you’re in a very tourist-y and central area. Instead, you can find yokochos, food streets and alleyways that are everywhere, brimming with restaurants that usually focus on certain types of food. But remember: you won’t really just stumble upon these food streets. You have to do your research and search out these place. Here’s a list of yokochos that you can visit and do more research on:

– Ebisu Yokocho

– Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho

– Kichijoji Harmonica Yokocho

– Ningyocho Amazake Yokocho

– Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho

– Ameyoko

Bar/Restaurant Streets:

– Asakusa Hoppi Dori

– Under Shimbashi/Yurakucho stations

– Golden Gai

– Under Koenji station

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