The Korean food craze is upon us, with samgyupsal joints popping up in every corner of the city. People swarm to these places to get their food fix, sometimes even waiting for a long period of time just to get a seat. There’s more to Korean cuisine than unlimited KBBQ, so I had my friend Ryan Bang show me the best places to get pretty authentic Korean food.

Before we set out on our food adventure, Ryan told me to meet him at the salon. I thought I would be accompanying him as he got his hair cut. Turns out I  was the one getting a hair cut, as per Anne’s request. After 2 long hours of trimming, perming, and blow-drying, we finally begin our food trip.


Sa Chun Sung Korean Restaurant (Ortigas Center, Pasig)

Sa Chun Sung is a restaurant that serves Korean-Chinese fusion dishes located in Pearl Drive, Ortigas. Ryan swears by their noodles, and claims they’re the best in the country. I had to try it out for myself. We ordered Jajangmyeon, which is noodles in black bean sauce. We also got Jjampong, a spicy noodle soup with pork and seafood. Tangsuyuk, or Korean sweet and sour pork, completes the trio of our meal. Out of the three dishes, I have to say the Jjampong was the best. It packs a punch with the perfect amount of heat.


Sittixian (Poblacion, Makati City)

If you want a taste of the best authentic Korean food, Sittixian is the place to go. This restaurant is open until 2 am, so it’s a great place to have a munch after a few drinks with friends. Those seeking to sober up should try the Haejang-guk. Known to be the best hangover cure in Korea, this soup is boiled with pork bones for 24 hours and is made up of pig cheeks, intestines, and other organs. You can mix it with Korean shrimp paste, spicy sauce, and a little bit of rice. We also got to try Kkakdugi, Ryan’s absolute favorite dish. It is a fried rice dish made with radish kimchi. Next, we tried some Drug Gimbap. Yes, that’s really what it’s called. Apparently, that’s what they call it because once you eat one, you’ll crave for more. Weird name, but it makes sense.


Bada Seafood (Poblacion, Makati City)

Bada Seafood was pretty easy to spot with its bright blue underwater-themed mural. They serve Japanese-inspired dishes, and we started off with some sashimi. In Korea, their sashimi is dipped with gochujang instead of wasabi. Our main course was Korean-style lapu-lapu wrapped in lettuce. Accompanying the dish was some Korean porridge and seaweed soup. We paired the meal with some soju (Korea’s national liquor) as well.


678 Kang Ho Dong (Seaside Boulevard, Pasay)

Capping off our food trip, we headed to 678 Kang Ho Dong in Pasay. It’s a Korean BBQ grill restaurant, just like the well-known Samgyupsalamat. We had a feast with plenty of hearty dishes such as samgyupsal, kimchi chicken, dosirak (Korean-style lunch box), galbitang (beef short rib soup), and gopchang (beef intestines). It proves to be one of the best samgyupsal places in Manila.


Make sure to try out these places to get a different taste of the Korean cuisine.


Check out the video to see the awesome Korean food we ate:

Which dish are you dying to try out? Let me know in the comments!


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