2015 was filled with awesome and incredible weight loss and transformation stories. Many thanks to all the former fat kids (like me), who shared their story with us


2015 was filled with awesome and incredible weight loss and transformation stories. Many thanks to all the former fat kids (like me), who shared their story with us.

Take a look at all these stories and you’ll find one thing in common–diet AND exercise are key! And with 2016 just around the corner, why not take their lead and start jump start the New Year with a healthier lifestyle?

The time to do it is NOW.

Get inspired and happy New Year, folks!

10. Be Healthy Not Just Skinny

I never owned rubber shoes. And this just goes to show how inactive I was. So the first investment I made when I decided on this healthy lifestyle journey was a pair of comfy rubber shoes. Just the task of putting on your shoes is enough motivation to actually do something active. Whether it be running, dancing, or just walking. You’ve already got your shoes on, might as well work out right? 

9. A Little Goes a Long Way

We would wake up at 6am to jog around the city. At 2 pm, we would go to the gym. We did this constantly and I avoided going out with friends to drink.

8. Losing Weight for a Better Me

Perspire and inspire. One of the best forms of motivation to keep yourself going is knowing that you get to inspire people to the point that they are moved by the progress you made.

7. Working Out Through a Breakup

I may have started working out to get over a breakup but in the end you’ll realize that working out is actually an act of self-love. So amidst anything life throws at you, always love yourself in the process.

6. Motivation from One’s Self is Key

My journey to fitness took me years before I finally reached my goals but as I have mentioned earlier, NEVER QUIT. You can always try and take chances until you finally and successfully hit your target.

5. No Excuses

My first goal was to be able to wear a pair of white pants that I liked a lot. At first I cannot even pull it up. Now, I cannot wear it anymore because it’s already too big! Then I started researching about the BMI. I learned that I had to lose 50 pounds to hit my desired weight. I knew it won’t be easy, but I had to start somewhere. 

4. Losing 146 lbs in a Year

I started to diet and exercise. I took out fatty food from my diet and started to incorporate fruits and veggies to my daily menu. I also went to the gym more often. I would do cardio first then do a bit of weights after, to burn a few more calories. It took me a while of that but I started to see the change.

3. One Pound At A Time

I enrolled myself in the gym and started working out at least 2 hours a day after my work. I started following a healthy meal plan every week and cooked my own food. 

2. Get Started

Think of it as a lifestyle, not a short-term plan. Forget diet. Eat healthy and make it a habit. Sure, you can cut off the junk food for a short while and maybe lose a few pounds, but when you’re right back at all the junk and processed food again, the chances are you’ll gain the pounds you were just beginning to lose. Do not be afraid of trying healthy food.

1. 1 Pound a Week

I started to cook my own food to ensure I don’t exceed my fat and sugar intake. 


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