Hey Singapore, I’m back!

I’ve just arrived for a new TV series that I’ll be curating called Body Reboot. Production kicks off tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited!

Over the next 90 days, I’ll be helping 8 lucky but unhealthy youths turn their lives around and transform into a fitter and better version of themselves. From those who are obese to those who are too skinny, I’m going give these kids a complete life overhaul.

I’ll be teaching them the basics of healthy living – not just on what to eat, but also on how to cook, how enjoyable exercise can be and most importantly, how to be happier about their bodies and who they are.

As an ex-fat kid, I see myself in each and every one of these people. So I’m thrilled that I have this chance to use what I’ve learnt in my own transformation to help each of them do the same. Can’t wait to get started!
Follow us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bodyreboot90 for updates, recipes and tips, and some exciting behind-the-scenes action. We’re also on Instagram and Twitter (@bodyreboot90) so stay tuned!

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