Broccoli Mushroom Soup

Finding it hard to stomach those veggies? Turn them into a soup for hearty and healthy comfort in a bowl.

By Diane Nicole Go

In our household, we make it a point to keep our dinners balanced—carbs in the form of rice or noodles, one or two meat dishes for variety, soup, and some vegetables. But with a carnivorous dad and picky children (me included) who wouldn’t touch the vegetables unless mom forced us to, meat was always the spotlight. Any veggie dish, no matter how creatively executed, was left out, especially if said vegetable dish was steamed and lightly salted. Oh, the horror!

Rather than keep reheating the poor steamed vegetables, we found a creative way to serve them: as soup! Our steamed vegetables are then given new form, and become part of the next day’s dinner menu. No one complains, we get our daily veggie intake, and mom’s happy.

Our latest recycled dish is Broccoli Mushroom Soup. It’s a quick and easy dish that’s perfect comfort food for cold or rainy days when all you want to do is sit with a good book and drink something warm. The recipe below is made from scratch, but if you plan on using leftovers like what we did, just skip out the blanching, go straight to the cooking the ingredients together, and continue from there.

Broccoli Mushroom Soup

Broccoli Mushroom Soup Serves: 5-6 people


This is a great way to get the whole family to eat their veggies. Plus, they can have fun decorating their soup with the cream. Enjoy!
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