Who doesn’t love a good Arroz Caldo? It’s definitely a Filipino favorite. For this recipe, I’m switching it up and making a few non-traditional ingredients to make it more decadent. Check it out and try it!

Chop up: 1 knob of garlic, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 half red onion. Cut: 2 strips of spanish bacon (bacon marinated overnight with paprika and cayenne pepper). Cube: 3 chicken thighs Flatten: 2 chicken thighs

On the Stove: In a pot, sweat out your veggies, caramelize the chicken cubes, pour in a bout 3/4 cup of brown rice, toast. Add in 2 cups of chicken breast. Use a risotto like technique, where you keep adding broth to make the mix soupy until the rice is cooked through thoroughly. Add in some fish sauce to taste.

Fry up your bacon and in the same pan sear your chicken thighs.

Fry off your foie with the bacon oil. Chop up some red onions and spring onions. Top your arroz caldo with it, some crunchy garlic, some red chillies, a hard boiled egg and your foie. Garnish further with coriander because I just like coriander.


Thanks to Petron for making this video possible! #petronbestday

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