We’ve gotten to our current situation because of our ingrained habits. Our good habits keep us going and our bad habits slow us down. It’s not just one act of eating a bad meal, having that alcoholic drink, or skipping that workout but an accumulation of this that led us to our current situation, which then turns into a habit.

We are creatures of habit and we don’t discriminate between good habits​, i.e. going to the gym on a routine basis versus our bad habits, i.e. eating dessert after every meal.

You may have the right plan of action that includes meal planning, proper diet, and a customized exercise program but​ if you don’t address your old habits that have gotten you to your current body you’d like to improve on, and also ingrain new good habits, then you won’t see lasting changes.

Have you ever tried starting a new exercise and diet routine only to catch yourself reverting back to old ways? It’s not easy to stop bad habits as they are deeply rooted in our system. This is why we fall of the wagon every so often when starting a new diet and fitness program. When in the wrong environment, with old friends that don’t go to the gym or eat healthy, and your willpower is low, you will easily succumb to old habits.

At the same time, it is not easy to add good habits. The harder the habit you’d like to add to your routine, the more days are needed to get this to be a part of your routine. Try this exercise for yourself, clasp your hands together. See which index finger is at the top of both hands. Is it your left or right index finger? Now separate your hands from each other and clasp your fingers again this time with the other index finger at the top. How does that feel? Weird? Did you notice you took more time doing the same thing but just in a different order? This is the power of habit. It makes things more automatic and subconscious so you can be more efficient with the inconsistent, urgent, and changing variables each day brings you.

Creating habits is a build up of seemingly small decisions that lead to big results. You have to remember that in the process of your journey, this will be the character building opportunity to be strong enough, fit enough, tough enough – physically, emotionally, mentally to attain and maintain your ultimate goal.

Imagine hiking up a tall and challenging mountain. Adventure seekers look forward to the challenge. They rejoice once they get to the peak of the mountain because of all the hard work they endured. Because their training, practise, and preparation got them there. Now imagine them getting to the peak by way of helicopter.

Do you think they will enjoy the view, the experience of getting there without the character building opportunity they could’ve had if they had to earn getting up the mountain with their own two feet? Have your eyes on the prize but constantly remind yourself of the price you have to pay to get there.

A study from University College London says on average, it takes 66 days to start a new habit. If it was easy like drinking more water, it took about 20 days to master this habit. Something more challenging like doing 50 sit ups took about 84 days. That’s more than 4 times than drinking more water.

Knowing how habits can make or break you, knowing how to set expectations and having a detailed road map to achieve your goals will get you results fast! Learn how to break old habits that got you to your current predicament while make new good habits that help you achieve your fitness goals.

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