If paradise existed here on earth, you would probably find it in Davao Oriental. In here you’ll find endless waves, a serene landscape, and water that stretches as far as the eyes can see.

It’s perfect for those who wish to wander, and to wander aimlessly you should. We went on this trip with no fixed itinerary and tried to see where our adventure takes us. The result— uncovering secret spots, meeting interesting people, and ending up with the most exceptional trip ever.







Look beyond what you know when it comes to traveling. Skip the tourist attractions and seek out the places that are unknown to many. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest this way.

Here in Surigao Del Sur, we rode the fiercest waves and had this part of the island all to ourselves.

Our meal caught fresh from the sea.


For the second leg of our trip, we headed to a place that seems to exist in a different part of the world: Agusan Marsh.

Agusan Marsh is a protected area that is home to a hundred different species of birds and aquatic plants. The vast green area may look like land, but is actually a cluster of lily pads, hyacinths, and other aquatic plants. The locals use a baroto (canoe) to go back and forth different places in the area.

















The marsh is actually home to the largest crocodile in the world… 20 feet long to be exact. More crocodiles lurk below the seemingly serene waters, around 5,000 of them. Nevertheless, Agusan Marsh is still one of the most enchanting places you’ll ever see.


Going Coastal: Davao Oriental

We documented our entire trip in the series Going Coastal. Experience the waves, the seafood, the marsh, and more in two parts:

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