Are you trying to lose weight and searching for the fastest way possible? Googling this will pretty much give you numerous insights to diets that could claim effectivity given a short period of time. These kinds of diets are most commonly known as “fad diets.”

Fad diets are people’s go-to when they want a “quick-fix” in their diets, but unfortunately medical experts are quick to say that fad diets are false and can actually cause more weight gain. Sure, it may work for the first few days, but the lost pounds do not stay off once you go back to your regular eating pattern.

Fad diets also have a lot of side effects depending on the kind of program the diet allows. But on a more general sense, fad diets can cause fatigue, make your metabolism slower, cause loss in muscle and can also lead to dehydration.


And since fad diets do not guarantee a long-term solution, these fad diets really need to away.



  • General Motors Diet


The General Motors Diet, also known as the GM Diet, promises a loss of around 10 pounds in just 1 week. Each day, this plan allows you to eat only a certain type of food. For example, day 1 allows you to eat only fruits for the whole day. You can’t have vegetables, protein, and carbs that will allow you to have a balanced meal. This alone is already a red flag. How are you to survive without having the right amount of nutrients in your body? This diet does not recommend rigorous exercises either since your food intake is very limited.



  • The Baby Food Diet


Started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, this diet involves replacing one or two meals or snacks with baby food. It claims that this diet helps in cutting calories and controlling portions since a jar of baby food contains around 20-100 calories. Nutritional imbalances are most likely to happen since most baby foods are fruit or vegetable based. And also, baby food is not really cheap either. Think again before trying this diet since you are not a baby.



  • HCG Diet


The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or the HCG diet is an extreme diet which claims a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a day without feeling any hunger. Sounds tempting right? But here’s more you need to know. HCG is a hormone present in early pregnancy, or can be used to treat fertility in both men and women. In this diet, HCG is administered thru injections, oral drops, pellets and sprays. This acts as an appetite suppressant and in turn, only 500 calories can be consumed. Experts say that the weight loss has nothing to do with the hormone but with the ultra low calorie intake. Do not even try this diet.



  • Military Diet


Also known as the 3-day diet, the Military diet promotes portion control for the 3 days that you are in the program. The bonus? You’re allowed to eat vanilla ice cream! But hold it right there, if we’re talking about sustainability here, the Military diet won’t do you any good. Chances are, you’ll only lose water weight in the three days you will be following the program. Find yourself a diet which promotes a sustainable and long-term plan.



  • Five-Bite Diet


Developed by Dr. Alwin Lewis, this diet lets you eat ANYTHING you want but restricted to only five bites. And not only that, you skip breakfast and only eat those 5 bites for lunch and another 5 bites for dinner. So really, are you even eating anything? Maybe taking just 5 bites of dessert could help, but it is not an actual meal. This diet is so unhealthy that you won’t reach even 1,000 calories a day which may result to fatigue, and an overall loss in productivity due to the lack of energy that food can fuel you with.


The best way to go on a diet is always to eat healthy, eat when you need to and get regular exercise. And variety is key, enjoy food as much as possible and leave some room to indulge every once in a while to avoid any binge eating. Stay away from the fad diets!




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