In pursuit of a more desirable body and a “clean” one at that, there is at least one person you know is sporting tumbler after tumbler of different kinds detox juices. But do we really need it?

In pursuit of a more desirable body and a “clean” one at that, there is at least one person you know is sporting tumbler after tumbler of different kinds detox juices, made from offbeat combinations of fruits and vegetables. Many claim that drinking these bizarre liquids will make you feel good inside and out. But do we really need it?

Defining Detox

Detox is a momentary dietary intervention that is intended to flush-out toxins, usually with the aid of fresh juices squeezed from various combinations of fruits, vegetables, and even herbs and spices. Aside from detoxification, it is also believed to be beneficial to people who wish to lose weight at a much faster pace.

In fact, because of these well-marketed health claims, businesses that focus on juicing have sprouted around the metro to cater to the needs of the health conscious. And according to many experts, the detox industry has not yet lost its momentum in the wellness market.

So is it effective?

The evidence to support the health claims are still inadequate. In fact, many health experts are being vocal about the long term and erroneous use of the method. Here are some of the reasons why you have to rethink your plans in jumping into the detox bandwagon.

1. We already have a naturel “detoxifier,” our liver.

2. Proponents and promoters of detox juices do not specifically identify which body toxins will be eliminated. Thus, making the health claims blurry and questionable.

3. Weight-loss experienced is primarily because of severe “caloric restriction” and not because of the detoxing effects. Although it can be beneficial in the elimination of water weight, but there is little to no evidence that it can also be favorable to fat burning. Therefore, the weight-loss effect is just momentary; there is a big chance that you will regain the weight that you have lost once you revert to your normal eating pattern.

4. Since most of the detox regimens require severe cutting-down of energy giving nutrients, it is also understandable that immediate mental and physical fatigue will be experienced. In fact, women who follow strict detox programs have high propensity to elevated stress hormones1.

5. Too much acid consumption coming from citrus sources (especially if the mixture will gulped directly) can erode the enamel of your teeth.

But is it entirely bad?

To be fair, consuming mixed juices can also give some advantages like having natural micronutrient supplementation because of the fresh ingredients. It also decreases you intake of processed foods that gives off more toxins to your body. All these benefits are great to have, provided that you will consume the juice together with your regular well portioned meals to avoid severe caloric restriction.


So to sum up, a well-balanced meal is still key to proper detox and weight-loss. While detox juices can supplement your health regimen, it cannot do it on its own. No such elixer can provide all that its marketing promises or claims.

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