dragonfruit pomelo mango salad

My good friend Nicole Andersson joined me in the kitchen where we whipped up a super easy and yummy salad, and she made me put food all over my face for “beauty”. Nice.

On this episode of Anyone Can Cook, I’m joined by my good friend Nicole Andersson. We whip up this super delicious, super easy, and healthy salad made with fresh fruit– and she challenges my plating skills.

Here’s the recipe:

Take some mangoes, pomelos, and dragon fruits. Crush up some toasted cashews, get a cup of good looking thai basil and mint together. Mix all of that.

For the sauce, mix 1 tbsp of fish sauce (patis), the juice of 2 limes and 1 tsp of coconut sugar. Mix and place in with the fruits and 1/4 cup of minced onions and 1 chopped up red chilli.

Check out Nicole’s channel where she made me put food all over my face for the sake of “beauty”. It’s a lovely sight.

Click the pic to watch!


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