Only 20% of US adults meet government exercise guidelines, meaning the 80% who are largely inactive are putting their health at risk. When starting a new fitness regime sometimes the image of your ideal body isn’t motivation enough. Having a workout buddy, signing up for fitness classes in advance and setting yourself goals are all good ways to help get you moving more, but what about earning some money at the same time? Money talks and can be a big motivator, especially when it’s your own cash on the line.

There’s an App for That

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Workout apps that reward you with money for following a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. Most of these apps are designed where you bet you own money that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight within a set time period and they then pay out if you hit your target, so the more you bet the more you win. These can be used individually or to set goals against or with colleagues, family and friends, where more money can be put bet for bigger rewards. Other apps work on a points system where you earn points for workouts, eating healthily and hitting step goals. They then pay you when you reach a certain number of points. One app, HealthyWage, has already paid out over $2 million in prizes.

Get Sponsored

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Asking people to sponsor you to lose weight, perhaps with the aim of donating the money at the end to charity, is a good way to earn money while getting fit. You can commit to running or swimming a certain distance over a set amount of time and ask people to sponsor you if you hit the overall target or for each mile you run or length you swim. You could even have an end goal of running a marathon where people sponsor you extra if you achieve this. Although this way of earning money is often donated to charity you could pick a charity that means a lot to you to help motivate you, which will help you get fitter and earn more money. People sponsoring you will be more likely to give generously if they know the money is going to a good cause too.

Become a Personal Trainer

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One of the more committed ways of earning money through fitness is to become a personal trainer. Once you get into fitness a lot of people find it becomes a way of life. There are around 300,000 personal trainers in the US with an average income between $42,000 to $72,000, largely dependent on location. Countless days will be spent in the gym giving you that fitness buzz to keep you motivated, along with clients expecting you to look the part. This is one of the best option for long-term fitness.

Millions of people want to lose weight and get fit, but motivation is the biggest reason that stops them. Earning money through exercising is a great motivator and apps that reward you with money are one of the biggest trends. Getting sponsored to conquer fitness goals or going all in and making fitness your career are also great ways to make money while leading a fit and healthy life.

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