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Get bright and festive with this easy chocolate recipe, perfect for Easter or any holiday!

My group of lady bakers got together this season to create an Easter dessert spread for fun. I made these chocolate nests made out of cornflakes. I don’t know if you remember this Japanese snack, a circle shaped chocolate cornflake treat. Well I could eat boxes of those in one seating. Then I discovered that it’s actually easy to make. This recipe is a great snack for Easter and makes for a beautiful topper on cakes.

The recipe below can be used with white, milk and dark chocolate. I made two versions a white chocolate one with a bit of food coloring as a cake topper and dark chocolate version to be served alone.

Chocolate Cereal Nest Eggs


1 C Unsweetened Cornflakes

¾ C Dark Chocolate

½ C Cream

½ C Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Eggs


Sprinkles (GLAMPOPPH)


Food Coloring


Line a muffin pan with cupcake liners.

In a large heat proof bowl, melt  ¾ C Dark Chocolate in the microwave on low heat for 30 secs. Take the bowl out of microwave and then stir. Repeat steps until chocolate is completely melted.

Add the cornflakes and stir until all are coated with chocolate. Add more cornflakes if needed.

Prepare work station by placing bowl of cereal mixture, muffin pan and sprinkles side by side.

With a spoon scoop the choco cereal and place in the muffin pan. Start with placing a little bit in the middle and then build on the sides, leaving it hollow in the middle.  Top the sides on the nests with sprinkles.


Prepare Chocolate Ganache:

In a heat proof bowl, mix cream and chocolate together. Place in the microwave at low heat for 1 minute. Take the bowl out and stir the chocolate and cream. Repeat steps until chocolate has melted and the mixture is nice and glossy. (Optional: To get the green look in the photo use white chocolate and color green gel food coloring.) Let cool for 5 minutes.

Take the nests out of the refrigerator, put a spoonful of chocolate ganache in the middle and then top with Easter eggs and more Easter sprinkles.

photos by Carmela Villegas-Agosta and Cynthia Patos

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