Post number 2 and we are still healthy, yay!

This is a simple Paleo Skill Shop, so that you can learn how to make an easy Frittata. Almost like an all egg pancake/cake, this is a great dish after a nice workout or to consume in the morning and fill up your protein stores for the day. The best thing about a dish that is so egg centric like this one is that it serves as a blank canvass for a plethora of different ingredient combinations you wish to include.

This is a recipe for one hungry man (aka me), however maybe if you just want a light lunch, this can serve two people when eaten with a substansial salad.

Song: Terra Plane Sun – Ya never know

Select a pan that will just house all your ingredients perfectly. For this recipe, i used one that was about 6-7inches in diameter.

Fry off 1 torn piece of smoked turkey breast (or bacon if you want) with a tbsp of olive oil in a pan (make sure the olive covers the whole pan). Add in 1/4 courgette sliced thinly and 5 chopped baby tomatoes with a tsp of butter. If you have herbs, like some flat leaf parsley, add some in now. After 2mins or so on medium high, add in a small handful of fresh spinach and cook out until wilted. In a bowl beat together 3 eggs and 2 tbsp of milk. Put the milk over the fry mix and make sure that the milk has penetrated everything by moving about the ingredients ever so slightly just for a couple of seconds. Let sit on medium. Add 3 heaped tsps of ricotta cheese (or goat cheese) on top and force them down a little. Wait until the edges start crisping up a little. When they do, place your oven on high heat on the grill feature and put the pan in the mid rack. Cook until browned on top.

Season and Serve with a lighly tossed salad, a little bit of hot sauce or even a raita or tzatziki with mint should you feel like it.

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