Gnocchi is a classic Italian pasta made with 3 simple ingredients: potato, flour, and eggs. It’s easy to prepare, and even easier to cook! Once you drop it in boiling water, it only takes about a minute until they start to float. That’s a telltale sign that your gnocchi is ready.

Traditionally it’s made with a tomato-based sauce, but gnocchi is so versatile you can combine it with a bunch of different sauces. Pesto and light butter with sage are other popular variations of the dish.

Gnocchi is a great idea to make weeknight meals extra special. For our easy gnocchi recipe, we used a simple white sauce that’s pretty much fool-proof. Scroll to the bottom for the complete recipe.

Tips to make the perfect gnocchi:

Fine Cooking has provided a list of great tips to make the perfect gnocchi. Here are a few that you should take note:

  1. Boiling potatoes whole and unpeeled helps to keep them from absorbing excess water. Remove the peel as soon as you can so that steam is released rather than absorbed into the flesh. 
  2. Be stingy with the flour. The exact amount will vary depending on the flour, potatoes, and humidity in your kitchen, but add additional flour sparingly. You want enough to hold the dough together, but not so much to cause the gnocchi to become heavy. 
  3. Handle gently. Overworking develops gluten, which can make gnocchi tough. Mix and shape with a light touch.
  4. Make the dough with still-warm potatoes. This will encourage the egg to bind the dough. 
Easy gnocchi recipe cooked by Gianni Grifoni

Ready to make some gnocchi? Go ahead and watch the video below for our easy gnocchi recipe! Gianni Grifoni from Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant Siargao shows us how easy and almost effortless this dish is to make.

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Easy Gnocchi Recipe

Easy Gnocchi Recipe
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