Planter’s Punch is a fun rum cocktail with disputed origins. Whip up my recipe and call it a party.

Couldn’t end this series without a punch-y cocktail. Rum and punch just go together.

Like many cocktails, the origin of this classic rum cocktail is disputed. One claims that it was first concocted in Planter’s Hotel in St. Louis and another tells of a Jamaican planter’s wife who invented the drink to cool down his husband and other fellow planters.

Whatever the real orgin is, this fun cocktail is a great add to your mixing or drinking arsenal.

Check out the video and recipe below.

Essential Rum Cocktails: Planter’s Punch

Essential Rum Cocktails: Planter’s Punch


Add crushed ice into a mixing glass. Squeeze in 30 ml of lime juice and lemon juice. Add a heaping tsp of caster sugar and the rums. Mix well. Add ice into your cocktail glass and strain and pour the mixture into your cocktail glass. Garnish and add grenadine to your liking.
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