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According to Philippine Statistics Authority (yes, I did some research), there are around 2.3 Million OFWs in the past year alone. With that many Filipinos abroad, in different countries with different cultures, you have to wonder: how does one maintain their Filipino cultural identity?

According to online money transfer service, WorldRemit, fiestas and food are the answer. And I totally agree. Food has always been a way to bring people together—even when you’re far away from your home, food just has that quality that incites memories of culture and home.

In fact, in London, A Barrio Fiesta took place where all kinds of Filipino food where devoured by Filipinos and foreigners alike. We asked them, what’s your favorite Filipino food memory? Here are some of their answers.


As for me, my favorite food memory was when I first learned how to cook. Filipinos love to talk about food and my older sister was talking to her friend about a Beef Salpicao they had just eaten. I must of been about 7 and I just listened with wide eyed interest. I took mental notes of the ingredients they were talking about and the process they put to it to make a great dish.

It was my very first interaction with a recipe. I went home, checked the fridge, realised that all the ingredients they had spoken about were there and got to work. The result? Amazing! (well to a seven year old palette that is). I’ve never looked back since. Food became an important part of my life after that.

To celebrate our Filipino childhood memories, here is a dish I cook with my sister Solenn—Bicol Express, which is one of my favorite local dishes. We’ve added a non-traditional ingredient to this dish because it’s just the way we like it growing up. Try it and I’m sure, it will make new food memories in your life too.


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