I think it’s safe to say we all grew up eating beef steak. Nothing beats the sight of tender slices of beef swimming in liquid gold marinade, with huge rings of onion glistening from the sauce. In this case, we give ourselves the pleasure of having another cup of rice. The smell of Filipino beef steak is enough to make one drool.

“Bistek,” as it is otherwise called, looks simple but is a dish packed with complex flavors. A mild tang hits your tongue, followed by a burst of salty-savory flavor. The onion rounds it all out with its subtle sweetness.

You have to be patient when you cook beef steak— the magic happens in the low and slow simmer. It will never fail to disappoint. The key ingredients for this recipe are calamansi, soy sauce, garlic, and onions.

Tips on cooking Filipino Beef Steak

Kawaling Pinoy listed down a lot of handy tips when cooking beef steak. Here are a few that are important to note:

  1. Top round or sirloin are great options for beef steak. Chuck roast is another great choice if you want a bit of fat in your meat.
  2. Just like your normal steak, make sure the meat is cut against the grain so it will be tender and easy to chew.
  3. For onions that still have crunch, add them last in the pan. Let the residual heat cook the onion.

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In the kitchen with Chef Allen

I had my good friend Chef Allen show us how to make the classic Filipino beef steak. Watch the video to see how he makes it! After that, maybe try it out for dinner.

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Filipino Beef Steak Recipe

Filipino Beef Steak Recipe
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