filipino sweet spaghetti

Curbing a sweet spaghetti craving is a difficult task. Here’s my take on a Filipino favorite that gets you away from that drive-thru.

Filipinos love anything and everything sweet. Desserts like leche flan and yema, and even savory snacks like pork barbecue glazed with a sugary marinade show that sweetness is a recurring character in countless Filipino dishes.

Take the classic sweet dish that causes an uproar until today: Filipino-style Spaghetti. Love it or hate it, this strange, fusion (to say the least) dish made its way out of the kid’s birthday party and onto fast-food joint menus around the world, and it looks like it’s here to stay. There are many theories behind the popularity of sweet spaghetti: some say the addictive nature of sugar makes it a lifelong craving, while others say the dish is packed with childhood nostalgia that affects Filipinos of all ages.

Whatever your reason for loving or hating sweet spaghetti may be, take a look at my version of this Filipino favorite. Enjoy!

Filipino Sweet Spaghetti

Filipino Sweet Spaghetti
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