It is during the holidays when people choose to just stay at home rather than do their regular workout routine at the gym or nearby open area. People often use their vacation time as a way to escape from reality, hence, they’re taking a rest not just from school or work but also from their fitness life. While it is understandable that it is hard to get your body moving especially when it’s cold or rainy, you should still find a way to get motivated to do your workout. Remember, you are more likely to eat a lot during the holidays and it’s much better to still stay intact with your routine so you will not hinder your progress.

Here are some ways for you to stay active during the holiday period:


  • Find A Workout Buddy


It’s fun to have someone cheer you up while exercising, especially during the holidays! It is very much important to encourage and be encouraged by someone to stay fit and active. Having a friend, a sibling, or a partner to workout with is a great way to be able to succeed in your goals. Not only it is convenient, it is also a way to improve your bond and relationship. As per Dr. Wayne Anderson, in his 10 years of experience evaluating what creates long-term health-and-fitness success, the single most important factor is having a support system. Well, that explains it all.


  • Burn More Calories


You may tend to shiver and freeze during the holidays and that is actually the effect you are getting from the cold weather. According to studies, you burn more calories from shivering because of the tension in your muscles. That being said, you should make use of the cold by exercising as a way to get fit so you will be able to melt excess fats in your body. You can either do a simple cardio workout or a quick intense circuit at home. It is advisable to wear thick workout clothes so you would sweat easily and also still protect yourself from the cold climate if outdoors.


  • Tolerance For Sunlight


The sun is more tolerable during the upcoming season as it is not as hot as it is during summer. Exercising outside in the morning is healthy because you can get Vitamin D from exposing your bare skin to the sun. Having a dose of the morning sunlight will surely make you feel more lively and active throughout the rest of the day.


  • Go To Malls or Parks


In other words, stay out of your house. Sometimes, the idea of being at home during the holidays is fun and exciting but it can actually be a downside to your fitness goals. Staying at home makes you feel lazy and tired and it often leads to binge-eating and multiple naps which will surely make you more unhealthy. If you want to take a break from exercising but still want to stay active during the holidays, go out with your family and friends. By heading to malls or parks, you are allowing yourself to still burn those extra calories by simply walking. It’s not as efficient as your usual workout but it’s better than staying under your blanket at home.


  • Try Exercises Online


If you have really decided to devote your holidays to just staying at home and can’t bring yourself to the gym, then try exercises you can find online. You may be under your own roof but at least you could still find a way to exercise by getting resources online. There are a lot of online workout videos that you can follow.


Being on a vacation does not excuse you from being healthy as health should still be a top priority. There will be a lot of temptation in the coming holidays but you should not let them consume you. Have fun with your loved ones but don’t neglect your workouts as they are really important in daily life.



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