Until recently, whiskey was the star in many bars across Metro Manila. But I noticed that many people are also starting to get into gin. A classic gin and tonic is a staple in any bar, whether at home or commercially. The thing about gin is that it isn’t as regulated as wine or whiskey. As long as there’s juniper in it, it can be called gin. The ratio of stills differ per brand, and there are a lot of brands out there. I dropped by Landers and was very impressed with their alcohol selection. I admit: I was overwhelmed by the amount of gin labels they carry!

Gin may not have a fixed standard, but I find that to be a strength as well. Because gin varies a lot, you can please many tastes and preferences. Gin is a great base for a whole range of flavors. You can infuse it with lavender, liquorice, coriander seeds, rose, and many more.

Starting your own gin bar at home shouldn’t be a problem. Watch my new video below to learn more!

The internet is a great source so if you want to learn more, check out these links. Budget shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to gin. There are many varieties out there that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, but still guarantee great taste. Check out gin at different prices here. If you want to dig into the history of gin and be a whiz during trivia night, click this. Not sure about the difference between gin and vodka? I found this website to be insightful. If you’re still overwhelmed by all the gin options out there, click this. It will help you decide what gin to buy based on your preferences.

Want a one-stop shop for all your bar needs? Head over to Landers where you can get everything you need to keep your bar and kitchen well-stocked. They have four branches in Metro Manila:

Landers Balintawak

Landers Alabang

Landers Otis

Landers ArcoVia

What’s your favorite drink? Let me know in the comments.

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