Blurred steam rising off the ground. Pavement singed by the sun. Drops of cold sweat on an ice cold bottle. Heat, hot, laboured breathing. Sweet burned mangoes. Smoky Chicken and bright charred greens. Summer, at a gallop with every step. Lazy days and stunning rays.

There’s my food haiku for you haha!

This is a healthy barbecue recipe without the need of a thick and sickly sweet barbecue sauce.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Charred Bok Choi and Mangoes with a Soy dressing

The Fat Kid Inside x Seabiscuit Films

Director: Nicky Daez
Producer: Sabs Bengzon
Camera: Sarie Cruz, Nicky Daez, Sabs Bengzon
Editor: Adrielle Martinez
Production Assistant: Ivan Aldover
Sound: Dru Ubaldo Pointbee Multimedia
Song: The Egyptian Ka by Similar Objects
OBB Graphics by Carina Santos
OBB Music: Luminescence by Some Gorgeous Accident

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