Unlike our northern friends, most of our Christmas’ in the Philippines are more yellow than white. We are usually graced by the presence of the sun in the later part of the year and many of our family gatherings take advantage of this dry occurrence to celebrate the festivities with the outdoors.

With this post I just wanted to quickly celebrate being outside, not only by grilling but also using an ingredient that any tourist coming to our shores and heading to the beach will encounter. Squid is so widely available yet we seem to undermine its varieties. It is usually served grilled or fried with a side of steamed white rice. While I couldn’t ask for anything more with this simplicity, I find that we can also elevate the squid and truly showcase its subtleties.

So if you are, like many families this season, going to be grilling or barbecuing squid. Try this version instead.

Grilled Squid Stuffed with Grapes and Chorizo


Produced by Seabiscuit Films (work@seabiscuitfilms.com)
Directed and edited by Sabs Bengzon
Shot by Sarie Cruz, Nicky Daez, and Sabs Bengzon
OBB by Sarie Cruz
Graphics by Carina Santos
Sound by Dru Ubaldo of Pointbee Multimedia
Song: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by Modulogeek

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