guide to drinking in moderation

If you find yourself not losing weight despite eating healthier and exercising regularly, the culprit may be your alcohol intake. You don’t have to cut alcohol out completely, as nutritionist Romer Estrada explains here.

For some reason, I had encountered about two or three queries on how to reduce alcohol consumption from my clients in just a span of a week. Some of the most common alcohols that they’re consuming in huge proportions are either lager, vodka, wine or surprisingly, an alternating consumption of all those drinks every, single, day. I might not be a qualified person to diagnose someone as an alcoholic, but a first aid solution to reducing the intake to a considerable amount and frequency will definitely help a lot. If you think that you’re having a lot of the booze and if you perceive that control might be in a grim, here are some tips which you might ought to follow:

1. Know the reason why you keep on washing your mouth with that bottle of Jack

We tend to overlook the reason, but it’s one of the main driving forces as to why we overdrink. From capping off the hell week or by just successfully overcoming the dreadful hump day, or due to some personal melancholic reasons that help you “forget” reality even just for a few moments, these are deeply anchored to your tendency to babysit a throng of shots. With all these reasons, it’s always prudent to ask yourself, “is it worth being plastered?”

2. Reserve just a day in a week for drinking

Just to avoid feeling “deprived”, allotting a day for SOME servings in a week or two would suffice. In fact, it can serve as a reward to yourself after the grueling week that you might have experienced. And mind you, as your fellow who also loves the bitter taste it brings, avoiding overfamiliarity by having it confined just on a chill day makes it even tastier. It also helps a lot if you haven’t had alcohol for a while in contrast to your habit since it makes you tipsier faster, making you drink lesser than you could before.

3. Worthwhile activities can make you distracted…

In a good way, of course. For example, when having a night out with friends, we also include some activities that make us distracted and to also help rev-up the night. At times, summon our nerd spirits by bringing-in a board or a card game, or both, or have some drinks while drowning in console games. We do that once or twice a month, which make the gatherings more exciting, and less alcohol-centric. I understand that these activities might not appeal to you, so find which interest you and your friends have in common, and invest on it from now on. But if you drink everyday, a personal hobby would do just the same.

4. Keep a journal

You phone will work out just fine. The approach is simple: track how many servings you’re having whenever you find yourself sleeping on the comforts of Jägermeister. By keeping notes of the servings, you can get to have a baseline on how to slowly decrease the amount. For example, are you having an average of 2 bottles of beer per night? On the coming week, cut it down to just one. This will continue until you are just left on your cheat-day-drink day, which will now serve as your new standard when it comes to coddling booze.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, these tips are just band-aid solutions. If you perceive that your alcohol consumption is creating so much trouble in your life already, while all these suggestions are no longer working, it would be much better now to go and seek a doctor.

Cheers, bud.

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