If you have a love-hate relationship with burpees, then you definitely landed on the right page. Burpees are probably one of the hardest free-letics exercises to do, and they’re also not as fun as the other usual exercises, which is why it is totally understandable that most people hate them. However, there are still a lot of reasons why you should like them. Burpees make use of all your muscle groups and it also turns your body into a fat burning machine, giving great benefits that will surely help you in the long run. There are different kinds of burpees but the most standard way of doing it is through a combination of the following: stand straight, squat to the ground, jump feet back and push-up. Yes, it’s complicated and not easy, but the results you will gain from it will totally satisfy you.


To know more about its benefits, read on:

Increased Strength

Strength-building is one of the benefits of burpees. Everyone should keep in mind that getting fit and staying on track requires a lot of strength. It is very important to do exercises that will help increase your strength just like burpees. Performing burpees every single day will surely help you build the momentum that you need in order to get more motivated to succeed in your fitness journey. Just remember: don’t overdo this exercise so you will not feel exhausted and sluggish the next day. Start with 10 reps and increase them as the days go by.


Functional Fitness

According to Krista Stryker, founder of 12-Minute Athlete, burpees are the ultimate example of functional fitness. She stated that burpees will not only help you lose weight and get fit, it will also help you perform better in your everyday activities. If doing simple daily activities like walking to the convenience store to buy food is hard for you, then you better start engaging yourself in high intensity exercises like burpees to build your endurance and strength. You have to condition both your mind and body in order to be able to have a healthy and functional lifestyle.


Improves Lung Capacity

Everyone talks about how important it is to exercise to help improve cardiovascular health but only a few seems to care about the importance of lungs in the world of fitness. Doing exercises like burpees will not just train the heart but it will also train the lungs. The Running Center owner and head coach Mindy Solkin puts it perfectly: “A strong respiratory system can improve your running. It’s a simple equation: Better breathing equals more oxygen for your muscles, and that equals more endurance.”


Great Addition To Your Workout Routine

If your daily workout routine is getting boring, try incorporating high intensity workouts like burpees. It will be a great way to kick-off or end your every workout. Burpees are also now being included in HITT and circuit trainings in different gyms because it really is a great substitute for moderate exercises like simple push-ups or jogging which gets boring and monotonous over time.



Fat Loss

Losing excess body fat is probably the biggest benefit you could get from burpees. Research shows that people who are keen on high intensity exercises like burpees burn 50% more calories than those doing typical exercises like jogging. Imagine doing it every day! You’ll surely burn a lot. Burpees are a dynamic and fast-paced exercise and one must be consistent in order to really achieve the body that they want. Keep in mind that the intensity that you are putting in to the workout is one determining factor for the calories you’ll burn so always give your 100%!






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