healthy forest mushroom soup

This gourmet dish is so easy to prepare, but will surely impress any foodie guest.

Growing a garden full of greens and herbs motivates me to cook better.  I feel good cooking and eating what I planted and harvested. It has been raining here lately and so I thought cooking a heartwarming mushroom soup would be a perfect comfort food to tuck in. I used the herbs that’s available in my garden for this dish.

This mushroom soup recipe is inspired by what we serve in the kitchen that I worked for in Singapore. This is a healthy version as it only has very little cream but still robust in flavour, unlike any mushroom soup that is usually served. It is airy and frothy in mouthfeel, almost like a cappuccino foam. This gourmet dish is easy to prepare but will surely impress any foodie guest.

Healthy Forest Mushroom Soup

Healthy Forest Mushroom Soup Serves: 4-6 servings
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