Life on the go is tough, and tougher when you’re hungry. Always remember that food is your fuel, and it will help keep you going whether you’re on the way to school, work, or the gym. With so many responsibilities to take charge of, and so many errands to run, it happens that reaching for the greasy, sweet, and/or unhealthy food can help us through the stress. But what if we tell you that there are better and healthier snacks that do not really take much of your time?

Say goodbye to the fries, ice cream and potato chips; here are some easy, fast, and little preparation need snacks that are hassle free!

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

Loaded with calcium, fiber, and probiotics, this snack is a power-food! If you go to the grocery at least once a week, buy the pre-packed single serving yogurts. Make it more fun by adding a bit of granola and some fruit.

Dark Chocolate

Depriving yourself of the sweet stuff will actually make things worse. It is okay to treat yourself a little and keep your own chocolate stash. Just stay clear of the candy-like chocolate and reach for dark chocolate instead. These are good for afternoons when your blood sugar is running low.


If you’ve got no time to prepare your snacks, you can buy raw and unsalted almonds in the groceries and bring them in small portions. An added tip, if you have extra time, you can try lightly toasting the almonds, it would taste even better!

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Who says fries are evil? Guilty! But with baked sweet potato, there’s no guilt! Just cut ‘em up in whatever thickness you prefer, sprinkle some olive oil, and a bit of salt and pepper and leave it to bake for around 20 mins. You can bake a few sweet potatoes and divide it in batches good for a few days. Perfect to satisfy your cravings!


If you’re not on a no-carb diet, a piece of Whole Wheat bread with peanut butter or avocado could be one of the fastest to make snacks you could think of. Just stay away from the high calorie, high sugar spreads!


Use it as a dip for your veggies or some whole wheat pita! Nowadays, you can get ready-to-eat hummus in tetra packs in Arabian stores, mostly around Malate. There are also box mixes in groceries, or you can try making some of your own with a can of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, and lemon.


Perfect for a light snack! Just make sure not to overdose with butter or salt.


If you’re craving for something sweet, go for Mother Nature’s dessert. Fruits are packed with nutrients and will help keep you going for a few more hours up until your next meal!

Hard-Boiled Egg

You can try preparing this ahead by leaving it to boil in the morning for a few minutes while getting ready. One of the healthiest ways to eat eggs, hard-boiled eggs are high in protein, and snacking on this will definitely keep you full and satisfied.

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