homemade longganisa with adobo queen nancy reyes lumen

I’m joined in the kitchen by none other than the Adobo Queen herself, Nancy Reyes Lumen, where she teaches me how to make longganisa and beef tapa. Yum!

Some of my favorite breakfast staples in the Philippines are longganisa and tapa. But we often find ourselves running to fast food places or restaurants for these if we don’t buy the ready-made stuff. I like experimenting with recipes in the kitchen, but when it comes to something traditional like longganisa and tapa, I decided to turn to an expert.

Enter the chef, food critic, tv and radio host, and most importantly, Adobo Queen, Nancy Reyes Lumen. Her specialties aren’t limited to just adobo– her love for Filipino food in general makes her perfect for teaching me how to master any Filipino recipe. She took some time off from campaigning for the national food of the country to be adobo to teach me how to whip up some traditional breakfast meats. We start with homemade longganisa and tapa, sure to make you the star in your own home and kitchen.

Watch the video below!



Buy or prepare ahead:

Fresh pork casing (supermarket bought. Available in South Supermarket)

Makeshift funnel using horizontally cut up 2-liter softdrink bottle

Twine or string

Chopsticks or the back of a wooden spoon

In a stainless or crystal bowl, mix and “massage” together:

½ K ground pork (popcorn size. Ask the butcher. This is a bigger grind)

¼  K ground pork (regular grind)

¼ K ground beef, if desired

¼ to ½ K pork back fat, diced

1/3 C garlic, very finely minced

½ C cane vinegar

little brown sugar

freshly crushed peppercorns

1 Tbsp rock salt (NOT iodized fine salt)

ordinary oil / canola oil okay

Combine all ingredients in bowl

Start kneading to blend while also smashing the mix against the bowl (This is to activate the meats to become firm)

Do this for about 10 minutes.


Note 1: be sure to keep the mix cool.

Note 2: Taste test taste small amount of the mix in some oil to adjust seasonings.

After tasting you can then adjust seasonings or add other spices like smoked paprika, oregano, thyme or more sugar or more garlic or peppercorn, etc.


To stuff the casings:

Cut about 12 inches of casing. Knot off one end

Fit in securely the opening of the casing to the mouth of the softdrinks bottle

This will act as a funnel in case you do not have a sausage stuffer machine

Start funneling the meat mix.

Note: make sure not to let air in. Stuffing must be dense.

Tie to desired lengths. Leave some space between links for cutting.

Let air dry for about 30 minutes before frying.


To fry: use little oil and some water

When hot, put the longganisas but do not crowd the pan.

Prick on some parts of the longganisa to release air.

Keep rolling and moving the pan back and forth so longganisa will cook evenly.

Get to cooking!
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