Sometimes, what can really elevate a dish is a bit of heat. That’s why we keep a bottle of hot sauce ready in our kitchen, pantry, or on the dinner table– some even bring them around in their bags! 

I love a good hot sauce, so when I found out about a group of Filipinos who are not just enthusiastic about everything spicy but also make their own hot sauces, I just had to try them out. I knew I couldn’t do this challenge alone, which is why I brought my sister Solenn along to taste them with me.

Watch the video below and see who can handle the heat!

We received a lot of sauces from the Philippine Hot Sauce Club and unfortunately, we couldn’t fit them all in the video. I highly encourage you guys to buy and try them out for yourselves! Let’s do our part in supporting our fellow Filipinos and their local businesses. Check out the list below, which one will tickle your tastebuds? If you’re interested in buying, contact them via their IG handles listed with each sauce.

1. Epic’s – IG @epicspicemad 
Tropic Smoke
– Mild to medium heat hot sauce using smoked native labuyo chilies for heat and mixed with roasted garlic, mangoes, pineapples, coco sugar and coco sap vinegar for a perfect tropical blend. It was declared Champion in the labuyo category at the Philippine Chili Federation Chillifest 2017.  Goes best with bbq’s, fried chicken and meat loafs. 
– Flavor delivered by jalapeno peppers, chipotle while a little mix of habaneros and red chilis brings the heat.  Garlic, celery, pickle juice and powdered dried shrimp gives this hot sauce a unique taste. Goes best with NY style pizzas, mac and cheese, and most Tex-Mex style foods like enchiladas and burritos. 
Mad Hotter Dessert Hot Sauce – Banana Split 
 –  Winner best in show, best hot sauce of the festival, and best in mixed category at the last 2016 Chilifest Philippines.  This is for the real chiliheads and hot sauce collectors who would even want hot sauce on their desserts.  This hot sauce is a mix of super hot chilis (ghost, habaneros, scorps) blended together with cocoa, strawberries, bananas and vanilla.  Goes best with ice creams, cakes, cookies, brownies, turon, and champurrado.
2. Bad Boy Tikboy – IG @badboytikboy
Black Bitch – A unique and savory hot sauce with a moderate kick. This hot sauce uses Yellow Habanero peppers and contains celery, tomato and lots of onions. It has Activated Charcoal in it and thats what makes it BLACK. Best paired with Steaks. 
Sinturon Ni Hudas – A smokey hot sauce with an explosive heat! This hot sauce uses Chipotle Peppers, Ghost Peppers, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers. Best paired with grilled meats. 
3. RSL – IG @rslchiligarlic
Kornbanero – An eccentric mix of corn and habanero. it will slowly take your tastebuds from sweet to a splash of fruity medium spice that will boost your appetite.  Good with nachos, tacos, fries and burgers.
4. Hanghanghang – IG @deathbychili
Chili Cajun Salsa – It is a spicy and smoky blend of chili & cajun spice in tomato relish as an end rub or dip.  Perfect for grilled meat or as dip for nachos and chips.
5. Spicy Louie – IG @louiespicy
Habanero Rosemary in EVOO – Can be used as a drizzle on pizza/pasta, as a mix with vinaigrette for use as a salad dressing, for sauteing, for roasting, and as a finish for steaks. 
Sweet and Sour Habanero Moringa Sauce –  Good for fried foods like chicken nuggets, also works for fish and as a vegetable dip.
6. Ghie’s Pot – IG @ghiespotchilliproducts 
El Cumino Tex-Mex hot sauce  – Made from the finest Habanero and F1 chillies with a hint of  a cumin that brings out that Mexican flavor on every dish.  Best for tacos and nachos, fried meats, and also works well with seafood.
7. Jimlong’s – IG @jimlongschili
Carolina Reaper chili garlic – Made from a mix of one of the world’s most hottest pepper and garlic.  Good for dimsum and other Asian dishes.
Carolina Reaper hot sauce – This hot sauce is the hottest of the sauces in this collection, mainly because the chili ingredient used is currently recognized as the hottest pepper in the world. The sauce is extremely hot but flavorful, note of garlic can be tasted as soon as it hits your tastebuds. Even though it is awesomely hot, this sauce can be paired with a wide variety of dishes because of its uncomplicated taste.
8. Spicy Bathala – IG @spicybathala
Ghost chili radish ketchup – All naturale spicy ketchup using local tomatoes and local fruits.  It goes well with any sandwich, burgers and fries, fried stuff and to whatever extent you put your ketchup on.
9. ChilliBeri – IG @chilliberi 
Indian Carbon Pepper Sauce – An artisanal hot sauce made with Carbon Ghost Peppers. Extremely hot, flavor packed Curry based hot sauce that will surely put a “riot in your mouth”.  Goes well with meats, rice, sandwiches and soup.
Erwan Heussaff
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