how to beat pre holiday shopping at spectrum fair

As September rings some Christmas bells, be the first to stock up on gift-giving essentials.

We need three magic words before we set sail for Christmas shopping: Do Not Panic. Shoppers are all too familiar with the long queues and messy product displays that greet them every shopping season.  The Spectrum Fair, soon turning one year old, comes to the rescue with a unique offer of the first shop and lounge experience in the country.

Be on the look-out for the perfect gift while soaking up the scene in the leading indoor-outdoor bazaar in the country.  Premium lifestyle finds from Juansie Manila, Aranaz Tu, Pottly ‘n Tubby, Uashmama, Happyness Project, PLOP, Jurassic Pot, Aly’s Cookie Bar, Sprout among many others, will be available in this highly-anticipated Fair!

Drew and Iya Arellano, Amina Aranaz, Robin Nievera, Katarina Rodriguez, Camie Juan, Arisse de Santos, and I will all be on the hunt for their early-Christmas gift items in the Spectrum Fair.

So head over to the fair this September, and go deep into the web of prime local lifestyle finds as the air hangs heavy with the scent of food and live music. There’s the perfect gift for your beau, family, or friends and all can be found under this Pinterest-ready roof. This sense of relaxed browsing and shopping comes as a luxury for those in the hunt for items minus the hassle of falling in line or panic buying.

It’s easy to get lost in the Fair’s exciting mix of brands and stalls—and that’s just the point. These are the glaring novelties of the Spectrum Fair: colorful booths, unique lifestyle finds that put generic market place items to shame, and of course, the reward of a lounge area after a day of fun shopping—truly painting a picture of your Instagram feed coming to life.

Excited for that sweat-free early Christmas shopping yet? Visit Whitespace Manila on September 17-18, 2016 and start your pre-holiday season right only at the Spectrum Fair!

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