Sticking to a fitness routine is challenging especially with the constant distractions and obligations of everyday life. With increasing access to technology, your work can be at the touch of your fingertips. The primary way most Americans relax is by watching TV, on average 2.8 hours a day. Focusing some of that time instead on a quick workout or a nourishing meal can keep you on track for whatever fitness success looks like for you. 

Record and track your goals

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Researchers at Dominican University found that people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals when they take the time to write them down. So record your fitness goals to hold yourself accountable on a sheet a paper or in a note on your phone, wherever it will serve as a reminder that you’re striving for more. A well-rounded workout routine builds strength, energy, flexibility, and endurance. In addition to recording your goals, track your progress and log your workouts, writing down what you did in your planner or in your digital calendar. That will show you that even on a busy day you had time for a quick yoga flow, bodyweight exercises, a run, or a cycling class.

Build a support system

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Research shows that individuals are much more likely to achieve their goal and one study found that 95% of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program. Accountability group texts can make all the difference. Share your goals and updates to stay motivated like inspirational quotes, swapping recipes and workouts, can be a fun way to keep the energy alive. You’re less likely to misstep and skip a workout if you know others will be waiting to hear how it went.

Don’t have a squad yet? Group exercise classes are a great way to meet like-minded people dedicated to fitness. Additionally, trying a new class at the gym and changing things up can help you to create new healthy habits.

Nourish your body

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We all love food. It’s the way we bond with others, show love, and fuel our bodies. And it’s critical to your fitness plan. What you’re eating and drinking throughout the day will have an impact on that habit-building you’re trying to do and if you can stick to your goals. If you eat too much at lunch or not enough, your body won’t be able to perform the workout with the results you desire.

Just as you’re writing down your workout goals, you might consider also creating a menu for the week and packing your lunch the night before with a balance of protein, carbs, and veggies. This will help you avoid going out to lunch and that afternoon food-coma from the large pasta dish that leaves you feeling lethargic. Bring your own lunch and snacks to work to keep you on track with your goals and your workout.

Ultimately, you have to commit to goals, feel supported, and get the right nourishment to get the most out of a fitness plan. That doesn’t mean ditching the foods you love or overworking yourself, it just means you have to build healthy habits and reap the benefits.

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