Not everyone loves traveling to work, especially in this age where traffic gets worse every single day. While commuting itself is tolerable, getting stuck in traffic for hours is a much more bigger problem that must be looked upon. It can be daunting, stressful and time-consuming. It is understandable why a lot are coming to work stressed and troubled—or why others prefer working remotely so as to not experience and add up to the chaos of commuting. Most people spend their time sleeping in their cars or public transportations on their way to work because they have to get up early to not be late.


Whatever your status in life is– whether you’re a CEO of a company or a fresh graduate working to support your family, whether you own a car or use public transportations to get to work, we all share the same problems every day—long commutes and traffic. The good news is that it can be fixed by our own actions and decisions. It may be tiring and hassle to commute from your house to the office but there are actually ways you can do in order to still enjoy the situation. Instead of being negative about it, why not turn it into something more meaningful and productive?


Wanna know how you can make the most of your daily commute? Read on:

  1. Find a better route.
    • If you’ve been experiencing bad traffic lately in your usual route, it’s a sign that you have to discover a new one where the travel time is faster. Often times, people arrive late to work because of the insane traffic despite waking up early. Remember, it’s not always about the distance, you may be paving your way to a shorter route but if everyone else is also driving there, you will get stuck in traffic and it will eat your time. There are actually farther routes that are faster and will get you to your work without hassle. You may use navigation apps for guidance.
  2. Meditate and reflect.
    • It’s always nice to meditate and reflect about things. When you’re on your way to work, you may be thinking about not wanting to deal with your authoritarian boss or your annoying officemate, or maybe the huge pile of work you’re obliged to do—it’s good to acknowledge these things but don’t dwell on them. Thinking about a situation differently can help reduce stress in many many ways. Try meditating! People often have this misconception that meditation is only about sitting still and having a blank mind but that’s not the case. There are a lot of types of meditation that can help you have a clear mind but one thing that you can do while you’re stuck in traffic is to shut down all negativity and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes for a few minutes and reflect on your goals and aspirations. Afterwards, you will feel more happy and relaxed.
  3. Listen to music.
    • Are you one of those people who loves listening to music on the way to work? If yes then you’re totally doing it right. Commuting can be boring and having to hear wonderful music is a great way to enjoy the distressing travel time. But do you skip songs most of the time? While it’s good to only listen to your favorites, it’s also fine to be introduced to songs you’re not familiar to. Listen to the local radio to be updated on the songs peaking at the charts or play that album your friend recommended to you—there’s lots of ways to enjoy music while commuting. Also, if you’re familiar with carpool karaoke, then you may want to consider doing it with your friends. Not only will it let all of you sing your hearts out but it’s also a great opportunity to bond while carpooling.
  4. Read a book, or listen to an Audiobook!
    • Your journey to work opens new doors to learn new things—and that could be through reading a book. Even if you’re not a bookworm, I’m pretty sure you wanted to finish at least one book in your lifetime. Instead of whining or sleeping your way to work, why don’t you try reading? If you’ve been claiming you don’t have enough time to finish one, then you have no excuse anymore as you may use your commute time to do it. But if you’re not a fan of reading, you can try downloading audiobooks from your smartphone. In that way, you won’t have to dread the idea of reading in a bumpy ride and focus on listening to that voice telling wonderful stories directly in your ears. Audiobooks are a good choice for those who are driving!
  5. Converse with people.
    • Whether you’re driving your way to work, commuting through bus/train/taxi or just walking ten blocks away, there will be people along the way. Use the travel time as an opportunity to converse with people. That lady sitting next to you in the bus might be going through something and you may be the only person who can give her helpful advice, your brother whom you don’t talk to much might be needing some words of encouragement from you, your taxi driver might have wonderful stories to share and just waiting for you to start the conversation or you yourself might be dealing with a serious problem that can be fixed through opening up to someone. We live in a world of digital connection, sometimes we need a little human interaction.

We all have to learn how to adjust to certain situations. Use your commute as a way to be productive and mindful about things. Learn to always see the bright side regardless of the circumstances.



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