how to start a food and travel blog

Here are my top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to starting your own food and travel blog.

With the high competition and a great deal of similarities among bloggers– standing out and making it with your own blog may seem like a daunting task. But fueled by your passion and my top 10 Do’s and Don’ts, you just might make your food/travel blogging dreams come true!

1. DO invest in good quality equipment (cameras, gadgets, lights, etc.). DON’T post blurry, grainy, or badly lit photos and videos.


It’s 2016: some of the best, high quality equipment could be sitting in your pockets right now. And you’ll want to entice your readers to try the food you’re sharing and go to the places you’re going, not repulse them or drive them away. I usually use: Sony a7sii, dji osmo, gopro hero 4, 3dr solo drone. I also have 85mm, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm and 20-70mm lenses.

2. DO keep it concise, straight to the point. DON’T overload your post with tons of text.


Beating around the bush in your blog posts will turn off your readers, and make it more likely that they don’t read another of your endless and wordy posts.

3. DO choose a unique domain name that encapsulates you and your blog. DON’T name your blog something complicated or hard to remember.


Choosing a domain name that’s true to you is part of building your online brand. Get on Bluehost to see if your domain name is available. Click on my affiliate link here to sign up with Bluehost and you can get your domain for free!

Click on the “get started now” button and follow the easy steps to create your food and travel blog today!

4. DO choose a hosting provider that’s right for you. DON’T let site crashes and blog downtime rule your life.


A hosting provider is where your blog lives. Having a trustworthy hosting provider ensures that your blog gets the care and attention it deserves. Bluehost is very user-friendly, and has the best packages to get you and your blog up and running.

5. DO get a blog that’s user-friendly on both your end and your readers’. DON’T design your blog in a way that’s difficult to look at and navigate.


Sign up with Bluehost and you can install WordPress for easy and stress-free blogging. You can also choose a theme that best fits your personality so you can create a beautiful blog without having to be a techie expert.

6. DO make content as often as you can. DON’T get too occupied with the little details of your blog.


You may have spent hours figuring out the perfect color palette for your blog, but it won’t matter if there’s nothing in it. Keep churning out content about what you love and think is share-worthy.

7. DO be honest and authentic in your posts. DON’T hide behind your blog.


Share your story. Your readers aren’t robots, nor are they looking to follow one. Let your voice shine through in your posts, after all, your blog is a means of expression.

8. DO treat your audience like people. DON’T be condescending, rude, or offensive.


These are rules you should be applying in real life as well as online. This doesn’t mean straying from sharing opinions: just be a decent human being.

9. DO grow and change with your blog. DON’T let your blog look outdated and obsolete.


Don’t be afraid to do things differently every once in a while. Regularly update your blogging style, your blog’s look, and your content without straying far from your original identity to keep drawing new readers in.

10. DO have fun! DON’T be so obsessed with “making it”.


Your readers can tell when you’re no longer enjoying what you’re doing. Always go back to why you wanted to start a blog in the first place and don’t let delays and setbacks bring you down! Don’t worry, you’ll have your moment!

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