Summer of ’09 was when I decided to change my lifestyle. I started when I visited a dermatologist due to my darkening neck. My mom and I thought it was a skin problem, but upon consulting with the doctor, We were instructed to visit a doctor specializing in obese patients instead. True to that, after many tests, I have Stage 1 Obesity and I’m Pre-Diabetic. My doctor scheduled me for weekly visits with a requirement to lose 1lb/week. It was not big, but it was a start.

So to do this, I started to go the gym daily. I was fortunate enough to be monitored by a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist. The 3 of us became a team in changing my health.

I ate a healthy 900-calorie meal daily and did 2 hours of intensive fitness training daily for a year with Sundays as my cheat day. I started to cook my own food to ensure I don’t exceed my fat and sugar intake. It was what pushed me to take up Culinary. I got weighed in every Thursday and was consistent with the 2lbs/week rule by my trainer. From a body fat of 46% at 209lbs to 27% at 128lbs. And my neck wasn’t dark anymore.

Since I had the determination, it wasn’t hard once I got used to the lifestyle. I started being a good example to my family especially to my friends. I was inspired to be good role model for young people who struggled with weight. And it started with simply losing 1 lb a week!

Weight loss and Health Tips:

  1. Have a healthy diet plan and STICK TO IT!
  2. Move away from Fast Foods , especially the temptation of Drive-thru!
  3. During a cupcake-craving, try to find a healthy recipe and bake it yourself:)
  4. If your suddenly hungry , opt for a fulfilling fruit paired with yogurt.
  5. Never starve yourself.
  6. Do not overwork your body at the gym. Limit yourself to what your body can handle.
  7. Do not use butter as mush as possible.
  8. Limit yourself to 1 bottle of beer/ week 😉
  9. Opt for Brown Rice. 10. Everything that is deep-fried can e baked or grilled instead!
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